Arihia Ngaronoa
32 Donegal Crescent
New Zealand

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I am 38, a mother of six. Me and my 3 & 4 year old daughters were implanted. We often get sent cellular hand over subliminals over our cochlea. We have eye2chip so the operators tell us what we are doing when we are doing it. They also control internet, phone lines so when I think Im talking to service providers, i am talking to people who access Telecoms Computer Exchange. They also use the media and defamation of character to ask people who have done henious crimes if they will save themselves or hang themselves.. The government call it HANGMAN and WHO ARE YOU GOING TO TRUST and that if you enquire with the ministers of parliament you are defamating the ministers. I got hacked by a KELLYDELATOUR and had french boys follow me to the net and once they hooked up their computers my computer slowed down. I noticed its a JUSTICE, MENTAL HEALTH, SOCIAL SERVICES thing. They can get service providers from shops play out skits and do gang stalking and on some recordings it says if you fight our friends and our families you fight the nation. They talk about political things as I think this was suppose to be my induced psychosis which isnt working. When I ask for medical help they say they would like me to see a psychiatris even though the implant protrudes out my eye now and then. 

I have audio and dates and times the operator rung the police on me and it was written up on my statements but the government got the police and police complaints authority to say there was no reason to get my files. 

Thank you for listening to me and I hope I can do a website in New Zealand. For now they have a website with no contact but they are keen on looking for others who feel the same. I suppose it comes down to putting the extra powerbox on peoples power boxes to transmit loud audio to the built in amps I discovered in the house (New Zealand Temporary Video Surveilance Bill) or in cars but on BODIES. THAT I DONT LIKE AND WILL FIGHT WITH ALL MY HEART AND MIGHT.